Bunch, Martin J., V. Madha Suresh, Beth Finnis, Dana Wilson, T. Vasantha Kumaran,Raj Murthy, Michael J. Jerrett and John Eyles (2006) “Environment and Health in Chennai, India: An ecosystem approach to managing the urban environment for human health” in the Indian Geographical Journal, 82(1): [In Press].
Abstract: This paper discusses a workshop in support of an ecosystem approach to human health in Chennai, India. The workshop brought together stakeholders to explore environment and health relationships, identify actors in managing for human health, and develop a conceptual model of environment and health in Chennai. The paper demonstrates the productive use of a stakeholder workshop within an ecosystem approach, and techniques adapted from soft systems methodology, adaptive management and participatory action research. Workshop participants developed a diagrammatic expression of environment and health in Chennai, and identified and explored themes derived from it. Participants helped identify a mixed-methods approach to address these issues. Workshop results are guiding a participatory action research program on environment and health in Chennai.
Keywords:ecosystem approach, collaborative processes, environment and health, stakeholder workshop, Chennai India