Nats 1730 Summer 2011 Schedule

SC/NATS 1730.06, Section A  Scientific Change, Lecture Schedule for Summer 2011
Day Date LectureTopic Reading Assignments Video/Film
Autumn Term  
Mon 2-May General Introduction and Prehistory Key: COP = Children of Prometheus;
Glimpses = Glimpses of Reality
Tue 3-May Civilization COP, Foreword, Prologue, Intro to Part I, Chapters 1 & 2 The Compulsive Communicators
Wed 4-May Numbers and Arithmetic Glimpses, Part I Introduction and Ch 1; COP, Ch 3  
Thu 5-May Ancient Greece and Pythagoras COP, Ch 4: pp. 48-56; Glimpses, Ch 2 & 3  
Mon 9-May Plato and Aristotle Glimpses, Ch 4, 5 & 6  
Tue 10-May Euclid Glimpses, Ch 6 & 7  
Wed 11-May Ptolemy and the Roman Empire Glimpses, Ch 8; COP, Ch 4: pp. 56-65  
Thu 12-May 90 minute test; worth 30% of the course mark. Medieval Conflict: Faith & Reason
Mon 16-May The Dark Ages and the Renaissance COP, Intro to Part II, Ch 5 & 6; Glimpses, Part II Introduction  
Tue 17-May Copernicus COP, Intro to Part III, Ch 7-8 Scientific Imagination in the Renaissance
Wed 18-May Tycho Brahe, and Kepler Glimpses, Ch 9 & 10; COP, Ch 9 pp. 138-152  
Thu 19-May Galileo Glimpses, Ch 11 & 12; COP, Ch 9: pp. 152-163, Ch 10: pp. 165-171  
Mon 23-May Victoria Day Holiday. No class.
Tue 24-May Descartes Glimpses, Ch 13; COP, Ch 10 pp. 172-176 Science Revises the Heavens
Wed 25-May Newton and the Three Traditions Glimpses, Ch 14 & 15: Recommended also: COP, Ch 11 & 12  
Thu 26-May 90 minute test; worth 30% of the course mark. Invisible Enemy
Fri  27-May Last day to drop the course without a grade appearing on the transcript.  
Mon 30-May Scientific Discovery & Scientific Method, Chemistry COP, Part IV Introduction; Glimpses, Part III Introduction  
Tue 31-May Chemistry (contd.), Enlightenment & Energy COP, Ch 13 & 15; Glimpses, Ch 16  
Wed 1-Jun Electromagnetism COP, Ch 17; Glimpses, Ch 17  
Thu 2-Jun Relativity Glimpses, Ch 18  
Fri (Note day) 3-Jun Atomic theory & Cosmology (Note that this is a Friday.) Glimpses, Ch 19 & 20: Recommended also: COP, Ch 19  
Mon 6-Jun Life: Theories of the Earth & Taxonomy Glimpses, Part IV Introduction, Ch 21; COP, Ch 16  
Tue 7-Jun Darwin's Theory of Evolution Glimpses, Ch 22 Darwin's Revolution
Wed 8-Jun The Microscope and Genetics Glimpses, Ch 23; Recommended also: COP, Ch 21: pp. 408-419  
Thu 9-Jun DNA: The Discovery of the Structure of DNA Glimpses, Ch 24; Recommended also: COP, Ch 21: pp. 420-433  
Thu 16-Jun 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. in Stedman Lecture Hall "A" 2 hour cumulative final exam; worth 40% of the course mark.
End of Course
Revised as of June 7, 2011