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free art fair passses

Posted on | November 4, 2005 | No Comments

Hi everyone,
janine and i purchased tickets in support of interactive 2005 and so we have 10 free tickets to the Toronto international Art Fair that we can make available to this class. If you want to go, just follow the instructions below + say that Caitlin Fisher purchased 10 tickets in support of autumn interactive and that i’m giving the free passes to this class. i don’t imagine more than 10 of you will make it, so i don’t think it will be a problem at the door — if it is, just bill me later ;-) One thing — if possible, could you save the ticket stubs for me? thanks + sorry to have missed class our class on Thursday. i hope to see you all soon!

Hello all,

Well, the Toronto International Art Fair has opened, and it looks as though INTERACTIVE 05 is hitting the mark. Both the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star have talked about its exciting positioning of interactive art. This morning Clara Hargittay and I gave a tour to about 30 collectors from across Canada, and they loved it!

So why don’t you come down and have a look any day from 12 to 8pm. Remember that you will receive a ticket to the Toronto International Art Fair as well for every ticket you purchased to Autumn Interactive. You can pick-up your ticket at the VIP Desk located on level 800 in the South Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Please state that you supported Autumn Interactive.

For more information on Art Toronto, please visit www.tiafair.com and www.interactive2005.com

Again thanks for your support,

Thom Sokoloski


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