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Posted on | January 31, 2013 | No Comments

Did anyone else hear this story last night on ‘As it Happens?’

http://www.cbc.ca/asithappens/listen/ you can listen to it here. It begins at 16.30 on Part 3 of Jan 30th ‘As it Happens’.

A British Artist hides a cheque of $13000 (8000 pounds) (not made out to anyone) in an London Art Gallery to entice visitors to come see his exhibition. The idea is that someone will find it, write their name on it, deposit the cheque and spend it however they wish.

I thought it was an interesting idea how the artist, Tomas Georgeson, has brought this game quality into the exhibition/gallery space, and has tried to create a new experience and increase the number of spectatorship within the gallery.

Pre-note from ‘As it Happens’:

“Any real artist knows that one must suffer for one’s work.

For example, British artist Tomas Georgeson. First, he suffered when he noticed that his exhibition at the Milton Keynes Gallery was not getting the volume of visitors he had hoped for. And then he devised a different kind of suffering: he decided to put his money where his art is.

Mr. Georgeson has devised a pretty enticing treasure hunt at the gallery, which is getting a lot of attention. We reached Tomas Georgeson in Buckinghamshire, England.”

Another Article on it:




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