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TOMORROW’S CLASS – aurasma working day

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a gorgeous reading week full of both catch-up and relaxation.

For tomorrow’s class I want us to move through a number of the Aurasma tutorials and begin to work on the final projects — there really isn’t much time to build these experiences and I would like to know everyone feels on solid footing. I realize that you won’t have finalized all of your media yet — and some of you may not have begun – but tomorrow will be the time to focus on exactly what is needed to craft your experiences. Bring/upload what you have. It’s possible you may need to work with found or placeholder footage for tomorrow, but at least you’ll get a sense of how quickly the process will move and will be in a better position to manage your time. If the weather is good we may work outside, too.

Wed, February 26 2014 » FC2_2014