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Kline’s Bleeding Through (the book) follows the remembered life of Molly which touches on a sequence of historical events.

And her friend Edgar who is so possessed by the story of the Biblical Ezra.
Klien dreams and re-edits the events of his life. His memories.
He follows leads about dead old people referred to by living oldies
He identifies historical sites that have been obliterated by development
The history of forgetting is pleasure based on abstinence
The computer is essentially an aesthetic of databases assets
What gives story presence is absence
Three tiers
First The seven memories that Molly remembered before she almost died – via Photographs
Second Contextualisation – via press clippings
Third The aporia of Media – everything that Molly forgot, left out, couldn’t see – Movies and Video
Computers cant deliver this third act.

Memory and Thought
The other pole of memory is not forgetting but its absence.
In Buddhist “psychology” “feelings” of flow are dealt with. Feelings consist of thought plus the accompanying bodily sensations. All thought is conditioned by memory and mental habits. Attention is only fully present when. thinking and prejudgment don’t occur and perception of word events are uncolored. This is momentary “enlightenment” (Flow ?)
We see as through a glass darkly.
When our attention is fully focused we feel flow
Games provide this as does physical exertion
There is a danger in that the pleasure that comes for this as it becomes a end I itself. A dead end

Internet of Things
There is no internet of things. There is an internet of signs or representations of things.
Things are represented by language or sign systems.
These signs are the content of thought and language.
A database of things only means anything to the user who seeks out meaning there
Real meaning is in the relationships between things particularly people.

The cutting (bleeding) through in Language happens when some of these type of things occur
A disjunction or omission which disrupts the flow of logic
A seemingly unresolvable contradiction
So anything which disrupts our habitual and conditioned expectations forces reevaluation
From conflict comes reassessment and new meaning arise.

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