Here is the diagnosis of why 3D imports failed in our project
Aurasma Tech Team (Aurasma Community Network)

Apr 02 02:52

Hi John,

The issues I can see with this file are:

1.The tar file contains a folder, this is why Aurasma is outputting the Invalid archive contents message – it’s looking for a DAE file inside the tar and all it sees is a folder. All your files need to be in the Root of the tar archive, I think when creating a tar file on a mac OS it will automatically create a folder inside the tar – so don’t beat yourself up about it!

2. When the folder is removed you still have a problem with a missing texture – the texture file notexture.png has been applied to the mesh and isn’t in the tar archive. All textures you apply to the objects in your scene must be on your tar file.

3. The actual dae file you have is almost fine – the only problem is that your material is set to 0 transparency – meaning its totally invisible. So even had you put your notexture.png in there & the tar uploaded successfully, you still wouldn’t see anything when it triggered.

Also, checkout our 3D Guidelines for all the essentials http://www.aurasma.com/wp-content/uploads/Aurasma-3D-Guidelines.pdf

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