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Week 6, game narratives and architectures

Espen Aarseth “Ergodic texts”
Noah Wardrip-Fruin First Person : New Media as Story, Performance, and Game
chapter 1
Jullian Stallabrass “Just Gaming”
Burnett, “Computer Games”
“Massively Multiplayer Online Games” — I have a hard copy of this to hand out. You may also wish to check out a lecture based on the paper here — real player. The lecture is a couple of minutes in — the piece starts with another presenter.

*** new addition: “Armed Vision”

To screen in class:
Short video lecture: Tracy Fullerton The Art of Play: Player Centric Design And the Process of Innovation
xbox games, wii, games from the USC Games lab
Descent to the underworld – the game film

Tracy Fullerton Game Design Workshop: Designing, Prototyping, & Playtesting Games (Gama Network Series)
Blur + sharpen; time machines www.iml.Annenberg.edu/blursharpen
http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/03/10/news_6120167.html — emily dickinson game
Noah Wardrip-Fruin First Person: New Media as Story, Performance, and Game, MIT 2004
Espen Aarseth Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature John Hopkins University Press, 1997

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