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Lab hours and Final Projects

Hi everyone,

I just want to put this out there so that everyone is on the same page. People are contacting me about when they can work with the equipment in the lab and I have to be sure to allow time for everyone to work. Thursday (tomorrow) I will make myself available from 10:30 to about 5 or so. Someone will be using the fogscreen from 1 to 3. Friday I will be in the lab from 10:30 until 1 but I cannot stay later than that. If you plan on being in the lab on Monday please send me an e-mail (if you have not already) aroth21 at yorku dot ca. If there’s anyone that needs assistance that hasn’t been in contact with me, now’s the time. Best of luck with all of your other course work too!!

For anyone who may have missed the announcement there is a possible TTC strike as of Tuesday April 1st. It may be a good idea to start considering alternate arrangements to get up to york if such circumstances arise. If you live downtown and a strike looks likely, get a hold of myself (Central) or Caitlin (West) and we may be able to arrange some carpools (It’d be a shame to miss out, Tuesday promises to be a lot of fun in the lab)! :)

Wed, March 26 2008 » Future Cinema 2