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CFC Media Lab’s “Quick Guide to Making Passive VR”

Posted on | November 29, 2016 | No Comments

Hey everyone,

In advance of Amit and I presenting our research findings on VR Cinema next week, I’d like to share this interesting quick infographic posted on the CFC’s Media Lab (my old alma mater) blog. Here is the link: http://cfccreates.com/news/700-cfc-media-lab-s-quick-guide-to-making-passive-vr

The guide is fairly simple and straightforward in explanation, and also offers a handy Tools & Software Resource Guide. Looks like the lab will post another guide next week, on Interactive VR. (Perhaps it will be in time for our presentation – which will give us another handy visualization to review!)

Lastly, Amit and I wanted to update you in advance that we have decided not to proceed with inviting Scott to class (for our presentation), but instead are aiming to do a video interview with him which we can then present to the class. This will retain the intimacy of our class environment, and also make for a more efficient use of our time.



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