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Hi everyone,

I realize that while I was unsure of the date of Siobhan O’Flynne’s visit to talk about transmedia practices that I had her pencilled in in TWO places on the schedule… Both November 15th and November 22nd. The confirmed date of her visit is NOVEMBER 15th when we will be discussing Transmedia and the seminar will also be transmedia. The other proposed topic from that week will be shifted to the following week – November 22nd.

1. November 15th Transmedia
Guest Siobhan O’Flynne
seminar: Daniel (transmedia) and Theo (media archeology – correct?)
text (NEW): Henry Jenkins Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide

2. November 22nd
There is now some additional confusion about themes. I will contact the seminar leaders – Slav and Shiyam – and leave it up to them since work on the seminars may already have begun.

The two options are:
A) Database Cinema and interactive documentary practices

Martha Kinder “Designing a Database Cinema” (FC)
Lev Manovich “Soft Cinema (FC)
Lev Manovich “database/narrative” (online)
Chris Marker “Immemory” (FC)
Thomas Elsaesser, “The New Film History as Media Archeology.”

B) Jagoda, Patrick. Network Aesthetics. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2016
Kathy Rae Huffman “Video, networks and Architecture; some physical realities of electronic space”

no guest
Seminar : Slavica, Shiyam

I apologize for the confusion here. Slav, Shiyam, can you confirm what theme you have been working toward so everyone does the correct readings?

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