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Questions from Immersive Worlds

Posted on | October 23, 2018 | No Comments

hi everyone. thanks for all these interesting questions that people have posted. it’s really great to sit with your thoughts/questions. apologies, my questions are a little late from last week. i keep forgetting to post immediately following class… will aim to post in advance for tomorrow’s class. for now, below are some more questions from last week’s reaadings:

  1. Less of a question, more of an observation — I found many parts of this book useful in terms of thinking about making. Over the last years of experimenting in my own work, I’ve been really struggling with articulating the craft behind creating immersive and transmedia works. I found this book a very useful reminder that design and principles of design offer extremely valuable insights (and importanlty language/lens) into the principles behind installing a space/building a world and ultimately telling a story through space.

  2. Following from my first point, I’m curious what people think, in general, about the usefulness of the Immersive Worlds book? What kind of critical responses emerged for people in the room? What kind of interest was generated from the read? And especially, what kind of utility does this read offer?

  3. At the risk of being unnecessarily repetitive, I’m really intrigued by and curious about the assertion that “artifacts have politics”… and in general, feel the Design Justice article is getting at exactly the kinds of critical questions that we have been circling around in all of our readings. What are people’s responses to the assertion that: “different people experience algorithmic decision support systems differently, and we must redesign these systems based on the lived experience of those they harm”? And what are suggestions and approaches for designing systems that begin with a critical intersectional lens?


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