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October 30 Questions-Julia

Posted on | October 29, 2019 | No Comments

1) Reflecting on Katherine Ibister’s piece regarding game design techniques evoking strong emotions for players, do you believe this could be an issue/concern in terms of violent-in-game behaviour? Do you believe playing violent video games can have an impact and/or influence real-world violence behaviour?

2) How do you think video games can be used to regulate emotions?

3) Do you prefer playing video games on your own or prefer social play with others? Does each experience evoke different emotions for you?

4) Frankenstein AI is meant to provoke conversation and exploration around AI, allowing us to build an algorithm powered by emotional data. In the article it is stated, “It is safe to say that most humans don’t understand AI at all. If we want to have any influence on how AI evolves we need an entry point into the conversation that allows us to position ourselves in the narrative about it.”

That being said, what are other ways in which humans can become more aware of AI. Do you think most humans have no interest in AI possibly out of fear? Or do you think many are genuinely interested in knowing more about AI and influencing it?

5) If you could create an experiment similar to the Frankenstein AI, what would it be?


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