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Some links with info and images to follow up on a few working projects and concepts I noted in our AR discussion today with Jay Bolter:

Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR):
“Novel approaches have taken augmented reality beyond traditional eye-worn or hand-held displays – enabling additional application areas. New display paradigms exploit large spatially aligned optical elements, such as mirror beam-splitters, transparent screens or holograms, as well as video-projectors.”
Excerpted from: http://spatial-ar.com/

Shader Lamps: Animating Real Objects with Image-Based Illumination

Abstract excerpt: “We are used to looking at the output of a computer graphics program on a monitor or on a screen. But, how can we see the ’special effects’ directly in our environment ? For example, how can we make a clay vase sitting on a table look like it is made up of gold, with fine details ? The appearance of an object is a function of illumination, surface reflectance and viewer location. Hence, we can rearrange the factors along the optical path and reproduce the equivalent desired appearance.” Ramesh Raskar

Main Paper in PDF:

Illumination of Taj Mahal:

Multi-flash Camera developed by Ramesh Raskar at the Mitsubishi Electrical Research (MERL) lab in Cambridge (on view at Siggraph 2004):

Another project by Raskar on RFID and Projectors (this is the “flashlight-like tool” I noted), also presented at Siggraph 2004:


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