o god!
you fake!
out of the night that covers me
fleeing down the nights and days
the feet, the unhurried feet
treading down
the dank compost of desire
the piss of partying
filling the glass with Samian wine
the greeks! the greeks!

and if i wake you with loud knocking?
i will come and eat you like hair

you are not
you are!
the black cock in the silicone suit
the titty bird on the wire
the mami whom water transforms
o god, does vastness distress you?
why, o why, did you have to
change yourself
now that you're lonely
into the holy
wood, icon of other,
spirit of dreaming,
sin-enema scopic
globe of desire?

come, COME,
reveal the naked breasts,
the open wound,
the bleeding heart,
the webbed feet,
the castrati voice
and those long gorgeous
caravaggio fingers
and touch and sing.
o Siren! o god!
fetishize me!
30. v. 1995/ 14. iii. 1997

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