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  • VOICE OF THE SHUTTLE Web Page for Humanities Research (award-winning page of metalinks. Not to be missed)(Alan Liu)
  • Sites for specific theorists:

    Mikhail Bakhtin
  • Bakhtin Centre (Univ. of Sheffield)
  • Mikhail Bakhtin (lecture notes created for a course) (Mary Klages, U. Colorado, Boulder)
  • Russell A. Hunt (St. Thomas U.), (essays on reading and pedagogy related to Bakhtinian thought):
  • "Literacy as Dialogic Involvement: Methodological Implications for the Empirical Study of Literary Reading"(1996)
  • "Traffic in Genres, In Classrooms and Out" (1994)
  • "Texts, Textoids, and Utterances: Writing and Reading for Meaning, In and Out of Classrooms" (1993)
  • Vadim Linetski (Hebrew U., Jerusalem), Bakhtin Laid Bare, or The Discourse of Innocence(Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center)
  • Bataille List: Archives (U. Virginia)

  • Baudrillard