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Calumet College - From Past To Present
Est. 1970

Calumet Past To Present

The name "Calumet" was chosen by the Calumet College community in 1971. Calumet is a French word which refers specifically to a type of rock and by extension to the ceremonial pipes which native people in Upper Canada made from this rock. This tradition continues at Calumet in that, unlike other York colleges which are represented by flags, Calumet continues to use a ceremonial rock. This is just one of the visible and public ways in which Calumet has established an identity unique among York's colleges.

Native American Peace Pipe made from Calumet Rock

As most people know, Calumet finally has its own building, though for many years, it was also unique in not having one. As problematic as it might seem not to have had a building, this brought out the best in us. Our strengths still lie, not in our physical resources but in our people, and we believe that we have the best possible in that category. We were the only college at York whose student population was composed entirely of commuters, so there has always been a strong concern within the college, not only for life at York, but also for the community outside York. This expression of community began with Black Dog Farm (a short term co-op housing effort by the students, established in 1973) and later expressed itself in the Lansdowne Artists' Collective, a working studio. Concern for "life after York" led to our small business enterprise program, established to teach students, especially those with a Fine Arts bent, how to set up and operate their own small businesses.

Calumet also enjoys a strong relationship to Fine Arts. We are proud of our artists and enjoy offering our Common Room for art exhibits, performances, readings or afternoon and evening music festivals. Among the displays and performances one might find there are the works of such popular Canadian artists as Judith Doyle, Mark Adair, and Barry Profit--all Calumet alumni.

Just as Calumet maintains its flavour of the past, we have always looked to the future and tried to anticipate it. It was this concern that led to Calumet's Off-Centre for Microcomputing. The Off-Centre was founded in 1979 to provide drop-in access to computers for students other than those in Computer Science. The concept was radical at the time and the Off-Centre was the first and only facility of its kind in Toronto. First conceived as a place to gather and play computer games, it was the site of introductory courses for faculty, staff, area school children, and the general public.

As Calumet's dedication to computer literacy has grown so have our facilities. Out of the Off-Centre grew a new word processing centre - Bootstrap. From its humble beginnings in a small office, Bootstrap has expanded, first to a small classroom, and again to two sizeable rooms on the ground floor of our new home. One of these rooms has PC micros to support our college courses. The other room has Mac computers to meet the needs of other Calumet students. Laser printing provides high quality output and the scanner and CD ROM make it possible to incorporate input from a variety of sources. Calumet was also the first building on campus to be designed to incorporate a computer network. All stations in Bootstrap, faculty and administrative offices, and residence rooms can be connected to the global Internet through our server.

In addition to our feature facilities, the building provides meeting rooms, group study rooms, and a large area with individual study carrels.

While Calumet is proud of our educational facilities, we are equally proud of the quality of our "people places". The Common Room is room 100 Calumet. It provides a place for everyone to get together to eat lunch, study, play cards or table tennis, or just talk.

Calumet is an easy place to get involved with, regardless of one's interests. From sports to fine arts, from sciences to humanities, all are welcome at Calumet. University is a wonderful place to be, full of new people and learning experiences. The more involved you get, the more rewarding your university experience will be.

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