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Career Centre

Career Conversations:
Discovering Careers in Community Health and Social Services

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
3:00 – 5:00 pm
101 Stong College (Master Dining Room)

In partnership with Stong College, Office of the Master as part of the Create Your Future program.

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About the Event

Interested in a career working in Community Health or Social Services? Want to meet York Alumni and other professionals working in diverse roles within this field?

Connect with professionals and get the inside scoop on what it's really like to work in this field. During this panel, professionals will share their personal career stories about breaking into the field, how their career paths took them from graduation to where they are now, what knowledge, skills and experience helped them succeed in their jobs and what types of opportunities are available in the field. The panel will be moderated by one of the Career Centre's team members and followed by an open forum where students will have an opportunity to ask the panelists their own questions.

Participating Panelists

Aishat Agboluaje
Registered Nurse, Hospital for Sick Children
York alumna: BScN Health (Nursing), 2013

I am a recent graduate of the Collaborative Nursing Program at York University. Currently, I work as a registered nurse at the Hospital for Sick Children. My former pediatric nursing experiences include working as a camp healthcare provider in Quebec, and working as a Clinical Extern at the Hospital for Sick Children's General Surgery department. In addition, I currently serve as the Communications Associate of the Pediatric Nursing group of Ontario. I am very passionate about pediatrics and promoting healthcare for children and families.

Stephanie Agosta
Career Services Coordinator, Interval House
York alumna: BAH Psychology and Communication Studies, 2006

On a regular basis, I help women feel encouraged, empowered and supported. And I love that I get paid to do it! Though I have long known this was my passion, it took me several years and a few other career pursuits before I figured out that working in social services would be the path that led me to realizing my passion. Every step forward, sideways and backward in my journey has led me to exactly where I need to be right now.

Morris Beckford
Community Programs Director, Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services
York alumnus: BEd & Honours BA History, 2005

Morris is the Director of Community Programs at Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services. He has an Honours BA and a BEd from York University and an MEd in Adult Education and Community Development from the University of Toronto. He sits on a number of boards and committees including the Mississauga Library Board, the Black Business and Professional Association board, the Boss Magazine Editorial board and Findhelp Ontario board.

Sangeetha Navaratnam
Program Assistant, Toronto Rehab/University Health Network

I have had quite a varied and winding trajectory when it comes to employment and education. I have degrees in psychology, sociology, education and social work. I have worked in various organizations including financial institutions, Human Rights Offices, Post-Secondary Institutions, Federal Government, Education, and now Health Care. I have been working in Health care for about 4 years and have had a variety of experiences including working at a Community Health Centre, consulting on a project for the Central LHIN and also working at a mental health hospital. I am currently working as a program assistant at Toronto Rehab in two different departments and I also sit on the Health Equity committee for the University Health Network.

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