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Career Conversations:
What Can I Do With a Degree in Humanities?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
3:00 – 5:00 pm
Michaelangelo's Restaurant, Atkinson Building

Hosted by the Department of Humanities. Sponsored by York University Alumni Relations.

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About the Event

This event will provide answers to the perennial question asked by Humanities majors: What can I do with a degree in Humanities? A panel that includes Humanities alumni who were advantaged by their Humanities degrees will share their expertise in regard to finding stimulating jobs, advancing in those jobs, and transferring their skills into many other fields.

This learning experience can profoundly affect the future of the Humanities Major students. It opens their horizon to infinite possibilities of life; as the interdisciplinary structure of Humanities unlocks an unexpected variety of professional doors and diverse careers. Everyone is welcome!

After the panel, refreshments will be served and there will be a chance to talk to individuals on the panel about your particular interests and about practical matters such as locating a job and the job application process. In addition, there will be brochures and hand-outs that focus specifically on jobs for people with degrees in Humanities.

Participating Panelists

Irene Thomson
Senior Manager, Scotiabank
Alumna: Honours BA Humanities, 2008

Elio Iannacci
Features Editor, Maclean's and Fashion Magazine
Alumnus: BA Humanities, Creative Writing, 1999

Bryan Tenenhouse
Vice-President, Chief Creative Officer, The Tenenhouse Project and Stephen Thomas Ltd.
Alumnus: BA English, 1986

Jill Planche
Principal, Planche & Planche
Alumna: PhD English, 2007, BA English, 1995

Joelle Murray
Director of Events and Sales, Rinx Entertainment
Alumna: BA English, 1997

Jordana Divon
Freelance Online Journalist
Alumna: BA English, Spanish, 2003

Husein Panju
Crown Counsel, Ministry of the Attorney General
Alumnus: BA Psychology, 2009

Carolyn Steele
Career Development Coordinator, Career Centre, York University
Alumna: MA English 1991, BA English 1990

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