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Career Conversations 07:
Industry Insights Working for the Government

In this session students heard from representatives from three layers of government ( Federal, Provincial, Municipal) and learned about the types of positions available, the various modes of hiring, and got tips on landing a government job.

Panelist's Bios:

 Tanya Allem, Foreign Serive Officer (Trade Commissioner), Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

I wrote the Foreign Service exams on a complete whim during my last semester at York, tagging along with fellow IBBA students. We were all in search of a career that would allow us to earn international experience and apply our years of language studies. Never had I imagined that this would set me on course to join a dynamic group of new recruits, work on complex international issues, travel across Canada , and prepare to represent my country abroad.

 Susan Brown, Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1993, Senior Policy Advisor, City of Toronto

For five years I have worked as a Senior Policy Advisor in Economic Development at the City of Toronto . No two days are alike in this job. One day I might be working with an intergovernmental team answering a questionnaire for the OECD, the next I might be writing a speech for the Mayor on the economic importance of immigrants to Toronto . My work is always changing, often challenging, and never boring.

Sarah O'Callaghan, Outreach and Partnership Development Coordinator, Ontario Ministry of Government Services

Sarah O'Callaghan is a young professional in the early years of her career with the Ontario Public Service. After graduating from the University of Toronto in 2003 with a BA in Sociology, Sarah sought out career opportunities that would help her explore her professional talents, put her educational background to use, and test out her interest in the human resources function in the public realm. Sarah joined the OPS in 2003, and has since held a succession of positions corporate human resource administration and planning across a number of ministries. Sarah has recently acquired the role of Outreach and Partnerships Development Coordinator with the Youth and New Professionals Secretariat (YNPS), part of the Ontario Ministry of Government Services.

The Youth and New Professionals Secretariat has a mandate to attract, recruit and retain future generations of Ontario public servants. Sarah plays a key role in supporting that mandate by leading the development of an enterprise-wide outreach strategy to promote the OPS as an employer of first choice, and by responding to attraction and recruitment outreach/marketing requirements and employment programs on behalf of the Youth and New Professionals Secretariat.

 Anna Riccardi, Staffing Consultant/ Tutor, Public Service Commission of Canada

It's hard to believe that it's already been 22 years since I started my career with the federal government of Canada . I initially accepted a temporary position working in the Canada Employment Centre for Students and I've worked towards becoming an HR Consultant with the Public Service Commission of Canada. I enjoy working in a fast paced environment with challenging opportunities to continuously learn new skills and contribute to enhancing programs that will benefit Canadians.

 Tsering Sergong, Border Services Officer, Canada Border Services Agency

Never would I have imagined myself working in an enforcement environment, each day in my navy blue uniform and coming in to work wearing a badge. Then again, when I was a student, I never realized how limitless the opportunities are in working in a large and dynamic federal department. My job involves all the things that I've always looked for--one-on-one interaction with people, a high energy work-pace and a close-knit family of colleagues. As a Border Services Officer, I've come to see how much I can do and how much more there is to strive for in working in the public service.

Questions & Answers

I'm interested in entering the Foreign Service should I be taking courses related to policy to prepare for that career path?

Does having a summer job or any other experience with the government in the past give you an advantage if you are applying for an unrelated job in the government?

How competitive is Foreign Service recruitment and how did you succeed in landing a position with them?

I'm interested in a career in policy analysis what steps can I be taking now to get there?

Can you give a couple of examples of career paths available to new graduates besides the Foreign Service?

I heard Policy Day was a good way to learn about careers in policy analysis when is it this year?