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Career Conversations 07:
Industry Insights – Marketing

In this session students talked to representatives working in this field and got tips on what they can do today to give them an edge when they graduate.

Panelist's Bios:

  Jonathan La Greca, District Manager, Petro-Canada

I am very excited about the era we are entering - workforce demographics will create astounding opportunities for new graduates and they will be stretched a pace never seen before. Keep learning and building your capabilities!

Industry Insights: Marketing: Jonathan's Career Path
Industry Insights: Marketing: What Jonathan likes most and least about his position

 Chris Laird, Associate Marketing Director–Fabric & Home Care, Procter & Gamble Canada

After completing his MBA at Schulich School of Business, Chris joined P&G in 1994 as an Account Manager in Sales based on Toronto . Over his thirteen years at P&G, he has progress through a variety of Sales and Marketing assignments in both Market Development Organizations and Global Business Units in Canada and the U.S. Chris's CPG marketing experience spans from developing global consumer segmentation strategies all the way to interfacing with global retailers such as Wal-Mart. Today, Chris oversees a team of 15 marketers that manage a portfolio of brands with retail sales of $600 million.

Industry Insights: Marketing: Chris' Career Path
Industry Insights: Marketing: What Chris likes most and least about his position

 Shirley Mukerjea, Brand Manager, Marketing, Kraft Canada Inc

Marketing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I was lucky to have some great marketing profs at SSB who practiced "real world" education and have me a flavour of what marketing would be like.

After two summer internships at Kraft in Sales, I knew that Brand Marketing was what I wanted and that Kraft was the company for me. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work on various assignments in the Cheese Division and now in the Snacks Division, I am leading the Core Crackers Portfolio.

I love my job - I get to do advertising, marketing strategy, and work with trade and consumer promotions. In a nutshell, it's like managing my "own business," but with somebody else's money!

Industry Insights: Marketing: Shirley's Career Path
Industry Insights: Marketing: What Shirley likes most and least about her position

Michael Shekter, Brand Director, Molson Canadian, Molson Canada

I started my marketing career in 1992 at Procter and Gamble, where I rose to the position of brand manager, having worked on such brands as Tide, Ivory, Cascade, Vicks, Comet and Spic 'n Span. After P&G, I ran the cookies business at Nabisco for 2 years. I spent the next 2 years consulting and teaching (including York MBA!), following which I accepted the position of Director of Innovation at Maple Leaf Foods. For the past 3 1/2 years I have worked at Molson on Molson Canadian, Heineken, and the Molson Trademark. I live in Toronto with my wife and our 3 sons.

Industry Insights: Marketing: Michael's Career Path
Industry Insights: Marketing: What Michael likes most and least about his position

Questions & Answers

Have any of you considered starting your own business in marketing?

What could you suggest we do to make ourselves stand out from all the other university graduates?

What sort of customer research opportunities are there in your fields and organizations?

What are some of the major differences in marketing and brand management between Canada and the U.S.?

In companies that are always coming up with innovative products, how do they come up with new ideas and then place a value on them?

What impact do generic brands have on the development of innovative, brand name products?

How important is it to have a name brand MBA to get into a name brand company?

Is it necessary to have a degree in business in this field or is a BA in any field good enough?

Can you give us an idea of what you do during the day?