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Career Conversations 07:
Industry Insights Media & Communications

In this session students got the inside scoop from representatives working in the field and found out where they see areas of growth and opportunity now and over the next five years. Students asked questions and learned what they can do today to give them an edge when they graduate.

Panelist's Bios:

Zaffrin Pira, Producer, Global News

When I was a York student, I never thought I'd wind up calling the shots as a Freelance Producer with two of Canada 's leading news organizations at such a relatively young age. It's a great career, one filled with responsibility and an ability to affect change on a grand scale. It's a career I love, and one that I excel at thanks to the foundation I picked up at York U.

Industry Insights: Media & Communications: Zaffrin Pira Intro

DJ Rokhit, Account Director, York University

My story spans from advertising for potato chips, marketing British Telecom in Asia to marketing York University to students in Canada . And my Mom still doesn't understand what I do! I think she'll finally get it, when I am successful in running my own B&B in some picturesque location in Thunder Bay .

What I love most about marketing & communications is the aura of positivity that it generates for just about anything.

Industry Insights: Media & Communications: DJ Rokhit Intro

Tara Sinclair, Media Coordinator, Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc.

It's no small leap from the laboratory to a career in marketing; however, after eight years in the lab I left to pursue a business venture of my own. That business experience together with my chemistry background brought me to ACD/Labs, a company providing specialized software to the chemical industry; giving me the opportunity to use the full range of skills acquired through my university education and experience in business.

Industry Insights: Media & Communications: Tara Sinclair Intro

David Spencer, Project Leader,

I have a passion for using media and music to inspire, encourage and connect young people., my national database of Canadian Christians involved in gospel music, radio, television and visual arts has encouraged many to pursue their craft. I brought a group of Brampton teens together to produce their own television show called GenerationXC. A community group I established acquired an FM radio broadcasting license and now provide 24 hour programming in Erin, Ontario.

Industry Insights: Media & Communications: David Spencer Intro

Questions & Answers

What experiences helped lead you to your current position?

What do you like most and least about your present position?

What suggestions do you have to increase your chances of getting published?

When you receive complaints about content in the media you publish, especially when this involves the representations of a particular group of people, how do you handle it?

I've got great ideas but I have trouble getting them on paper – do you have any tips on how I can improve my written communication skills?

Does freelance work count as relevant, hands-on experience?

Does the career path of "corporate communications" offer possibilities for communication students?

What is the potential impact of convergence on the quality or availability of jobs in this field?

In the recent provincial election, broadcasters limited the exposure of the public to all the parties, whereas the print media largely provided equal access to all the parties' platforms – could you please comment on this?

Could you discuss where in the media landscape it's possible to produce and distribute work that matters to you?