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Career CyberGuide: Credits

The Career Centre wants to acknowledge and thank the following recruiters for sharing their wisdom and expertise:

  • Elisa Soares, United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • Mark Spencer, United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • Nelson Chan, Synnex Canada
  • Brad Salvich, IBM Canada

The following people are true career architects and have generously shared their learnings with us:

  • Kelly Parke, Instructional Technology Centre
  • Brian Poser, Counselling and Development Centre
  • Shane Altenstad, The Career Centre
  • Cathy Keates, The Career Centre
  • Sarah Cowan, York University

This project was a true collaboration of the Career Centre team, all of whom gave far above and beyond expectations and grew in ways throughout production they never dreamed when they began:

  • Carolyn Steele (Career Development Coordinator)
    - Producer, Editor, Presenter, Workshop Developer, Content Advisor
  • Cathy Keates (Career Programs Coordinator) 
    - Presenter, Workshop Developer, Content Advisor, Editor 
  • Shane Altenstad (Faculty Career Coordinator)
    - Presenter, Workshop Developer, Content Advisor
  • Kara Hammond (Employer Services Coordinator)
    - Presenter, Workshop Developer, Content Advisor
  • Jenny Peach (Career Information Coordinator)
    - Presenter, Workshop Developer, Content Advisor
  • Amy Heximer (Peer Advisor)
    - Mock Interview Model

The Career Centre also applauds the remarkable support and expertise provided through the Instructional Technology Centre through the following individuals:

  • Kelly Parke (Senior Multimedia Designer)
    - MediaSite co-developer, Video Editor, Cameraman
  • Shawn Benoit, Video Editor, Cameraman
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