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Career CyberGuide: On-Campus Jobs

Finding On-Campus Jobs: What's Out There?

Don’t settle for just any on-campus job—find the on-campus job that’s right for you! In this presentation, you’ll discover how to effectively find on-campus employment opportunities that support your career goals. Learn to identify, analyze and match your skills and strengths to a variety of on-campus jobs, including unposted and “hidden” job opportunities.

Launch Video (Presented by: Jacquie Fuciarelli)

Setting Strategic Goals for Skills Development

Learn how to make the most of on-campus job opportunities—even before you find a position! This presentation is designed to help you every step of the way, from evaluating your employability skills and comparing these skills to available job postings to identifying opportunities to help you develop your skill set in the future. Also, hear from on-campus employers about what they’re looking for in successful job candidates to get an edge in the York job market.

Launch Video (Presented by: Jacquie Fuciarelli)

Maximizing the Value of Your On-Campus Experience: Building Skills for Future Career Development

Your on-campus position can be so much more than just a job! In this presentation, you’ll discover how to use your on-campus position as an opportunity to maximize your skill development and prepare you for your future career. Learn to evaluate your on-campus experience, identify opportunities for future growth and develop the tools you’ll need to get ahead of the competition.

Launch Video (Presented by: Jacquie Fuciarelli)

Connecting to On-Campus Positions at York: A Strategic Approach for International Students

There are so many ways for International students to connect with on-campus job opportunities! In this presentation designed especially for York International students, you’ll learn some of the strategies for finding and creating on-campus employment opportunities, including tips on how to discover unposted positions. Go beyond traditional job search techniques and learn how to find an on-campus job that’s right for you.

Launch Video (Presented by: Jacquie Fuciarelli)


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>> Daily Summary Sheet 
>> Tanya’s Daily Summary Sheet 
>> Satisfaction Assessment Survey 
>> Tanya’s Satisfaction Assessment Survey 
>> Conference Board of Canada’s Employability Skills 2000+


>> Student Financial Services Website
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>> Government of Canada website
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