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Career Fair Winter 2014

The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp

The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp is a Toronto Day Camp that provides children ages 2.5 to 15 years with informal educational and recreational experiences during the summer months.

Type of positions: Summer
Recruiting for: The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp is looking for qualified, exceptional staff who have experience working with children ages 2.5-15 years. We expect our staff to always give their best effort and exhibit a positive attitude and open mind. Our staff are also expected to exhibit a high level of enthusiasm, spirit, and energy! We are looking for individuals to fill the following positions:

  • Preschool Camp Counselor
  • Sports Specialists; baseball, soccer, basketball, etc
  • Swim Instructors (must have Red Cross WSI, NLS and SFA with CPR-C)
Number of positions: 30
Skills required:
  • Must have professional experience working with children
  • Camp experience preferred
  • High energy, enthusiastic, hard working, dedicated, and passionate
  • Must be creative, high spirited, and positive
  • Must be committed to better The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp environment
  • Act as a positive role model and representative of The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp
  • Looking for candidates preferably in the following areas of study: Education, Fine Arts, Communications, Child and Youth Studies, Social Work, and other related fields
Where positions are posted: Our website
How to apply: Apply on our website
How to prepare: Come with questions and with interest to have an impact on children this summer!

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