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Career Fair Winter 2014

Royal Canadian Navy, Her Majesty's Canadian Ship YORK

The Naval Reserve is the part-time component of the Royal Canadian Navy. We offer part-time employment during the academic year and full-time summer employment in a variety of naval occupations both at sea and ashore. Joining the Naval Reserve is a great way for students to gain work and leadership experience while earning money to fund their education. We also offer tuition assistance in addition to wages earned.

Type of positions: Summer, Part-time
Recruiting for: Maritime Surface and Sub-Surface Officer; Naval Communicator; Naval Combat Information Operator; Resource Management Support Clerk; Cook; Supply Technician; Musician
Number of positions: 24
Skills required: Teamwork, attention to detail, stress management, physical fitness, leadership ability
Where positions are posted:
How to apply: Interested students should be prepared to pick up and submit an application package at Her Majesty's Canadian Ship YORK 
How to prepare: Students can bring resumes to the event. At minimum, you should be prepared to provide your contact information for follow-up.

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