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York Internship Programs

Enroll in the Internship Work Term Course

When to complete this step: Enrollment opens 2 weeks prior to each work term.

Enroll in the Internship Work Term Course. The Internship Work Term Course is a course used to recognize a student's participation in an internship position affiliated with a York Internship Program. This course does not have a degree credit value. Registration in the Internship Work Term Course provides a record on the transcript for the student's participation in each work term. Students who have not yet found an internship position cannot register in this course.

A non-refundable Internship Work Term Fee of $475 is paid once you secure an internship position and enroll in the required internship work term course. Students pay this non-refundable fee for each internship work term they undertake (e.g. 3 work terms = $1,425.00).

Enrollment permission is required in order to enroll in the internship work term course. The permission and enrollment deadlines are established and communicated to all internship students via email by the Career Centre. Students who are beginning an internship position or continuing in an internship position are required to enroll in the Internship Work Term course.

Please Note: Students who miss the enrollment deadline will need to complete the "Request to Enroll Late" process. For more information, please review the Undergraduate Academic Petitions page of the Registrar’s Office website. We strongly encourage you to ensure you register on time once the enrollment window has been opened.

Internship Program Program of Study Internship Work Term Course Number
Business & Public Administration Internship Program (BPAIP)
  • Administrative Studies - Management, Marketing and Finance
  • Business & Society
  • Communication Studies
  • Economics
  • Public Administration
AP/ADMS 3010 0.00
Professional Accounting Internship Program (PAIP) Bachelor of Administrative Studies, Accounting Specialization AP/ADMS 3010 0.00
Human Resource Management Internship Program (HRMIP) Bachelor of Human Resource Management AP/HRM 3495 0.00
Technology Internship Program (TIP) Biophysics SC/BPHS 3900 0.00
Technology Internship Program (TIP) Information Technology AP/ITEC 3900 0.00
Technology Internship Program (TIP) Physics & Astronomy SC/PHYS 3900 0.00
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