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Work Term Report and Supervisor Evaluation FAQ for Students

Work Term Report FAQ

Do I have to submit a report and evaluation every work term even though I will be working with the same employer for more than one term? I submitted a Work Term Report last term, do I need to submit another one this term?

Yes, all interns are required to submit a Work Term Report and Supervisor Evaluation at the end of each work term, regardless of whether your internship is 4, 8, 12 or 16 months. This process is necessary for the assignment of the pass/fail grade and transcript notation.

I am doing the same work and utilizing the same skills that I reported in my last work term report, can I just submit the same report this term?

No, the Work Term Report is also used to help determine your pass/fail grade for each work term. Although the questions in the report are the same every term, interns are expected to work to learn new skills each term and/or strengthen their knowledge and skill level.

In writing your report, consider mentioning the following:

  • New skills and knowledge developed
  • Skills strengthened
  • Type of work that you are now doing more of; discuss additional duties and/or the results of projects that were initiated in previous terms
  • Advice to other interns. Now that you are in your 2nd, 3rd or 4th work term, you are now better prepared to share ideas/thoughts for new interns about adjusting to a new work environment and working in a team

Supervisor Evaluation FAQ

Is it my supervisor's responsibility to ensure that the Supervisor Evaluation is completed and submitted by the deadline?

No, it is the student's responsibility to work with their employer to ensure that his/her supervisor completes the evaluation by the deadline. Regardless of the method your supervisor chooses to complete the form (i.e. using the online Supervisor Evaluation Form or his/her own organization's form) you must ensure it is submitted by the deadline.

How does my supervisor access the online Supervisor Evaluation Form?

The Internship Coordinator will be sending the login information via email to the supervisor that you have listed in your profile. If your supervisor has not received the email, please ask him/her to contact the Internship Coordinator at to request the login information.

What do I need to do if my supervisor prefers to complete his/her own organization's form?

Please request a completed and signed evaluation from your direct supervisor. You will need to scan the hard copy of the completed evaluation with your supervisor's signature and upload it on the Career Centre's online system by the deadline. Please note that hard copies will not be accepted. Please do not fax or email the evaluation form.

Why do I have to scan my supervisor's own organization's evaluation form?

The Faculty Coordinator/Committees requires the supervisor's signature on the evaluation in order to legitimize the form as an official document. Unsigned evaluations will not be accepted.

I do not have access to a scanner, what can I do?

The evaluation can be submitted as an image/digital picture as long as the image is readable. For best results, pin the form on the wall and zoom-in as close as possible. Please note that hard copies will not be accepted, so please do not fax or mail.

My supervisor will be away on vacation and I am not sure if he/she will have the time to finish the evaluation by the deadline, can I submit it late?

No. Late submissions will result in a Failing grade in the Work Term Internship course and you will have to go through York University's formal process of petitioning/appealing your grade. This can be a lengthy process and you are encouraged to avoid this by submitting your documents by the deadline.

If your supervisor will be on vacation, then you will need to find out if there is another manager/supervisor/team lead that can complete the form for you so you do not miss the deadline.

My supervisor is very busy. He/she is under a lot of pressure to meet multiple deadlines and doesn't have time to complete the evaluation for me. What can I do?

It is not always easy to get the Supervisor Evaluation Form from your supervisor during busy periods; however, you have 3 months notice to schedule a meeting with your supervisor and to ensure that you get the documentation in a timely manner. Planning for that will help you to meet your deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted and will result in a Failing Grade in the Internship Work Term course; consequently you will have to petition your grade.

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