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York Internship Programs

Financial Considerations

Before applying for an internship program, you should consider these important financial implications.

Student Status at York

During the time you are on internship your full-time student status at York will be affected. It is important to note that given the experiential education nature of the program, you cannot take courses while working on an internship without the prior written permission of the Internship Program, and the internship work term course is a zero-credit course. Therefore, you may not have full-time or part-time student status; however, you will continue to be an active York student.

Student Loans

  • You may not be eligible for grants and student loans (including OSAP).
  • Your student loans may lose interest free status while you are working on an internship.
  • Contact Student Financial Services at 416-872-9675 to learn how participating in an internship will affect your student loans.

Scholarships & Bursaries

  • If you hold a scholarship, you may be able to defer it.
  • Contact the Undergraduate Awards office at to learn how participating in an internship may affect any scholarship(s) that you hold and/or are interested in applying for.


You will also be responsible for the following fees while in the Internship Program:

  • A one-time, non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $200 will be applied to your student account upon your enrollment into the Internship Program.
  • non-refundable Internship Work Term Fee of $475 is paid once you secure an internship position and enroll in the required internship work term course. Students pay this non-refundable fee for each internship work term they undertake (e.g. 3 work terms = $1,425.00).
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