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Exploring My Options: Consider graduate school or a post-degree program

Consider graduate school or a post-degree program

Perhaps the career you're interested in requires a graduate education or a post-degree program or maybe you've determined that a post-degree diploma or certificate would make you a more desirable candidate in your chosen occupation. If this is the case, you also need to look at your further education options.

Resources to assist you in making a decision about further studies

Career Cruising: This online career exploration tool that you can access through the Career Centre website using Passport York, provides the educational requirements of hundreds of occupations as well as information about the schools in Canada that offer the various degree, diploma and certificate programs associated with these occupations.

SchoolFinder: This site has information about Canadian universities, colleges, and career colleges, and allows you to search for academic programs, scholarships, tuition fees, and careers.

Grad School Planning Guide 2012: This special issue of jobpostings magazine features articles on considering whether grad school is right for you, sorting through your options, and getting into grad school.

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