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Learning About Myself

The most important element in finding a career that's right for you is you!

It can be challenging to build a career that's a good fit for you if you don't know who you are, what you have to offer, and what you're really looking for. There are a number of key aspects of yourself that you should be able to identify and articulate clearly before starting your career exploration, including your desires, abilities, skills, interests, personality, likes and dislikes, influences, beliefs, curiosities, experiences and accomplishments.

Ways to Learn About Yourself

Career Decision Making model

1Understand the career decision making process

The Career Centre has developed a Career Decision Making model to illustrate the different parts of the career exploration process and how they fit together.

Who Am I? game

2Attend workshops at the Career Centre

Getting to know yourself and what you have to offer isn't as easy as it might sound. That's why we've put a number of Career Exploration workshops in place to help you learn more about yourself so that you can make decisions about your career that are right for you.

3Read about the importance of self in career exploration

The Career Centre's non-circulating career resource library has a wide variety of great print materials to help you learn more about yourself and careers that might be a good fit for you. more...

Ways to learn about yourself: Research

4Research a variety of fields and occupations

Browse through descriptions of different occupations and industries to see what types of positions best fit who you are. more...

5Take a Career Test

While there is no test that can determine your perfect career, there are many online career assessment tools that provide starting points for further research based on individual personality types. more...

Ways to learn about yourself: Talk to a Career Counsellor

6Talk to a Career Counsellor

Our Career Counsellors are experts at helping you undertake a comprehensive self-assessment and using that information to identify areas for career exploration. more...

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Career Centre Recruitment Policies and Disclaimer