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Industry Insights Panel: Students with Disabilities: Connections and Supports in the Workplace

Recorded February 9, 2011
During this panel, students connected with representatives of organizations dedicated to supporting persons with disabilities in the workplace. Students had the opportunity to meet with employers from the provincial government and the financial industry; as well as community agencies across the Greater Toronto Area who provide employment supports for persons with disabilities. This event also provided students with the opportunity to hear from York Alumni who are persons with disabilities and have found successful career paths. These panelists shared their career stories and answered students' questions on a range of topics, such as organizations' culture and disclosure in the workplace.

Full Presentation (1:01:57)Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Participating Panelists

Scott Allardyce

Scott Allardyce
Policy Advisor, Government of Ontario
 Alumnus: BA, Political Science/History (1990)

Kaye Leslie

Kaye Leslie
Manager Of Workforce Diversity, Scotiabank

Terry Robinson

Terry Robinson
HR Advisor, Government of Ontario
Honours Kinesiology Degree, Lakehead University (1997)
Human Resources Management Post-Diploma, Confederation College (2004)

As a person with a physical disability how do you demonstrate that you are an asset to that organization?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

Can you talk about the mentoring program?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

If someone who is applying to a job decides to check off on the application that they have a disability where does that information go?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What types of support or accommodations are available in the workplace for people with disabilities?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)