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Career Conversations Panel: Discovering "Green" Careers

Recorded March 27, 2012
During this panel, professionals currently enjoying environmental careers shared their personal stories about breaking into the field, how their career paths took them from graduation to where they are now, what knowledge, skills and experience helped them succeed in their jobs and what types of opportunities are available in the field.

Full Presentation (1:18:50)Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Participating Panelists

Colleen Cirillo

Colleen Cirillo
Project Coordinator, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
alumni Alumna: BES Environmental Studies, York University, 1995

Pavel Graymason

Pavel Graymason
Sustainability Engagement Coordinator, York University
alumni  Alumnus: MES Environmental Studies, York University, 2007

Brent Kopperson

Brent Kopperson
Executive Director,  Windfall Ecology Centre
alumniAlumnus: BBA Schulich School of Business, York University

Hon Lu

Hon Lu
Senior Project Manager,  MMM Group
alumni Alumnus: MES Planning, York University, 2002

Ellen Schmarje

Ellen Schmarje
Senior Program Advisor,  Ministry of the Environment 
alumni Alumna: BSc Environmental Science, York University, 1984

What do you most enjoy and find most challenging about the work that you do?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What advice would you give students and recent graduates about getting their foot in the door and staying committed to their goals?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What are some key skills for success in this field and where should students look for opportunities?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

Are there opportunities for students who have interdisciplinary skills?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

How marketable is an academic background to employers in the field?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What's your typical day like?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

How important is experience or knowledge when hiring a candidate? How limiting is the lack of a certain skill set?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

How important is having specific certifications that are mentioned in the job posting? Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

Are there any trends you see in the recruitment process? What are things that you really take note of, the positive and negative?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

To what extent does your employer encourage you to pursue professional learning? Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

Question directed to Hon Lu: Can you tell us more about MMM Group?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What kind of work/life balance do you have at your job? Do you work on weekends and evenings and how has that affected your success?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)