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Career Conversations Panel: Career Conversations with Foreign Language Grads

Recorded March 20, 2012
During this panel, professionals with degrees in various Foreign Languages shared their personal stories about breaking into the field, how their career paths took them from graduation to where they are now, what knowledge, skills and experience helped them succeed in their jobs and what types of opportunities are available in the field.

Full Presentation (1:22:22) Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Participating Panelists

Mary Barnes Amoroso

Mary Barnes Amoroso
Head of Guidance, Lawrence Park Collegiate
alumni Alumna: Bachelor of Arts, Glendon College, York University

Andreea Ciologariu

Andreea Ciologariu
Product Manager, Global Trade Consulting,  Livingston International
alumni  Alumna: BA French Studies/Spanish, York University, 2007 and 2009

Marcellia GalanMarcellia Galan
Director Global Learning & Development, Celestica
alumni Alumna: BA Arts, York University, 1986

Leslie Usin RojasLeslie Usin Rojas
Teacher, Toronto District School Board
alumni Alumna: BA Health, BA Spanish, BEd Intermediate/Senior, York University, 2009

Rebecca SmithRebecca Smith
Customer Service Representative,  Ministry of Government Services
alumni Alumna: BA Spanish, York University, 2011

Questions & Answers

What has lead to where you are now since you graduated from York? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Is there any specific advice you would give to new graduates for finding meaningful work? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Can you provide some feedback to professors to better prepare students for the future? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Question directed to Mary Barnes Amoroso: can you speak more about the new school you are starting? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

What advice do you have about customizing a resumé for a specific job you are applying for? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

What kind of job search strategies have you used to find a job? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

How do you balance family life with your career? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)