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So you're thinking about grad school? Now what? by Dr. Douglas M. Peers, Dean and Associate Vice President, Graduate

Dr Peers

Recorded October 26, 2010 at the Graduate & Professional Studies Expo
Graduate study comes in three varieties: professional and career oriented programs (law, medicine, education, et cetera), master's programs and doctoral programs. How to pick the right program for you, how to effectively apply to graduate school and how to succeed once you are there are some of the topics Dr. Peers discussed in this enlightening and interactive presentation.

Full Presentation (36:33) Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

About Dr. Peers

Dr. Peers received his PhD in history from King's College, University of London, specialising in the history of British India. Prior to coming to York, he was Interim Dean and Associate Dean Research in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Calgary and in 2004 was seconded to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada as Interim Vice-President (Programs). He is currently president of the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies and recently joined the Board of Directors for the GRE. He was elected Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in 1993.

Questions & Answers

Introduction: What is graduate school? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Why should someone consider a graduate degree? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Choosing the right school for you? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

How do graduate programs around the world compare to Canadian programs? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

What does the application process require? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

How important is it to obtain degrees from separate universities if you are considering a career in research or PhD? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

What are the academic requirements for graduate school? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Tips for writing research proposals? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Strategies for obtaining strong letters of reference? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Tips for financing grad school ...? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Tips for applying for scholarships...? Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)