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Industry Insights Panel: Strategies for Getting Hired in Accounting

Recorded September 14, 2010
At this panel, representatives from accounting firms offered insight into the field and gave strategies and tips on the kinds of positions and roles available in accounting firms, the kinds of skills/knowledge they're looking for, what the recruitment process is like, how to make connections within the field, what to expect during the interview and how to succeed on the job. 

Full Presentation (54:23)Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Participating Panelists

Yvonne BradySou Choi
Talent Acquisition Manager, Grant Thornton LLP
Joe CusciannaSandra Singer
Senior Associate – Audit and Assurance Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  Alumnus: BBA (2006) 

Balu NaiduShaweta Singh
Senior, Deloitte & Touche
Cecelia SubryanNatasha Stoddart
Senior Manager Audit, KPMG LLP
What is the recruitment process like? What is involved in the application process, e.g. specific hiring dates, materials required? What should one expect from an interview? Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What kinds of skills/knowledge are companies looking for? What is the best way to make connections within the field?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What makes a successful candidate stand out?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

Have the economic conditions affected hiring? Is there a preference for hiring upper level versus lower level students? Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

How should one best prepare for an interview? Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

Can you clarify the criteria that are needed for the application form?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

In relation to smaller firms, what breadth of exposure does an employee have with a larger company? Are there as many opportunities?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

Are their rules to follow when formatting a resume? eg. How many pages?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)