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Industry Insights Panel: Strategies for Getting Hired in the Finance Sector

Recorded February 7, 2011
At this panel, representatives from finance firms offered insight into the field and gave strategies and tips on the kinds of positions and roles available in finance firms, the kinds of skills/knowledge they're looking for, what the recruitment process is like, how to make connections within the field, what to expect during the interview and how to succeed on the job.

Full Presentation (1:02:00)Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Participating Panelists

Eric Appleyard

Eric Appleyard
Manager, Corporate Recruitment and University Relations, TD Bank Financial Group

Jim Cassimatis

Jim Cassimatis
Finance Director, Controllership and Financial Planning Branch
Business Management Division, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
York Alumni  York Alumnus: Honours BA, Public Policy & Administration (1988)

Kishan Dhanjal

Kishan Dhanjal
Human Resources Representative, Honda Canada Finance Inc.
York Alumni  York Alumnus: Honours BAS, Human Resources Management (2009)

Andrew Stulberg

Andrew Stulberg
Division Director, Investors Group
York Alumni  York Alumnus: BA, Sociology (2004) 

What options are available for working in the financial sector? Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What advice do you have for new graduates looking to get hired into your organization?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

How important is a business degree in relation to finance?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

How does the recruiting process function and how should students prepare their application? Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What is involved in a background check? Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What should one expect from testing in your organization?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What does an average day entail? What types of advancement opportunities exist?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

How important is a finance background for Investors Group?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

How is a professional designation looked upon?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

Is it beneficial to approach the organization directly?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What made potential candidates more successful than others?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)