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Industry Insights Panel: Strategies for Getting Hired in the Insurance Sector

Recorded September 21, 2010
At this panel, representatives from insurance firms offered insight into the field and gave strategies and tips on the kinds of positions and roles available in insurance firms, the kinds of skills/knowledge they're looking for, what the recruitment process is like, how to make connections within the field, what to expect during the interview and how to succeed on the job. 

Full Presentation (1:34:35)Audio (MP3) Video (MP4)

Participating Panelists

Yvonne BradyYvonne Brady
Consultant, Johnson Inc.
Joe Cuscianna

Joe Cuscianna
Recruitment Manager, Aon
 Alumnus: Bachelors of Arts, Psychology (1999)

Balu NaiduBalu Naidu
Branch Manager, Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc
Cecelia SubryanCecelia Subryan
Underwriting Manager, TD Insurance
What is the relationship between this industry and education choices? Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What tips do you have for finding employment in this industry?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What are the best ways for new grads to find entry-level positions in this field?Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

What makes one person more successful than another as an insurance agent? Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)

How easy is it to move between roles in this industry and what are the prospects? Audio (MP3)Video (MP4)