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Volunteer Fair

Cooksville Care Centre

Cooksville Care Centre is a long term care home located in Mississauga. It has 192 beds including beds for individualized restorative care. We pride ourselves on providing compassionate outstanding care to our Residents, as well as pay close attention to individual needs. Cooksville Care Centre enhances quality of life by meeting physical, emotional and the spiritual needs of all of our Residents through programs such as Java and Montessori programs.

Recruiting For: We are looking for volunteers who can assist our staff in the Recreation/Activation department. They will be helping them to prepare and facilitate the recreational programs according to daily schedules posted in the home.

Skills: Teamwork, problem solving, organizational

Programs: Recreation, Social Work

Number of Positions: 5

Where positions are posted: Career Centre's online job posting system

Application Method: Bring resume. Apply in person (the application form will be provided). Sign up on the sheet provided.

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