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Purchasing the Game


$340.00 plus HST per game (i.e. $384.20)
Plus shipping and handling to be determined depending on delivery location.

Who can purchase this game?

The Who Am I? Self Assessment Game was developed to be facilitated by a trained, experienced career counsellor/career development professional.  A professional is recommended in order to probe for important information that will help players explore their career possibilities. It is essential that the facilitator have the skills to be able to interpret players’ stories by drawing out information that may be significant in terms of career exploration. Facilitators should also be well versed in individual assessment.  This game is therefore available for sale to school boards, colleges/universities and professionally trained career development practitioners.

What's included with your purchase

  • 1 game board (it is recommended that there are no more than 5 players per board)
  • 1 game piece
  • 1 die
  • 5 decks of cards:
    • 54 Career Landscape cards
    • 29 Desires cards
    • 67 Abilities cards
    • 55 Career Insights cards
    • 19 Other People and Other Factors cards (please note that 6 of the 19 Other People and Other Factors cards were created for persons with disabilities)
  • Master copies:
    • 1 Facilitator's Guide
    • 1 Legend template (to be displayed on each table)
    • 1 Intention Sign template (to be displayed on each table)
    • 1 Abilities handout template (to be copied for each player)
    • 1 Career Profile handout template (to be copied for each player)
    • 1 York University Career Decision Making Model template (optional to use/display)

Ordering the game

To place an order for the game, please fill in our online order form. We will connect with you via the contact information you provide to confirm your order prior to processing. For orders greater than five games, please contact us about opportunities for preferred pricing.


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Have questions?

If you are interested in finding out more about the game or have any questions, please see our FAQ or contact us.

Who Am I? Game cards
Career Centre Recruitment Policies and Disclaimer