SIAM 2016:
Advances in mathematical models of hearing

  Mini-Symposium at the:
  SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences
  Boston, MA USA              July 11-14, 2016

  Date: Wednesday, July, 13 2016
  Time: 10:30 AM - 6 PM
  Location: Boston Westin Waterfront
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  Organizer: Christopher Bergevin (Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, York University)
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The inner ear is an active system, using energy to biomechanically improve and extend its dynamic range of operation. Theoretical study of these processes has been challenging, given limited physiological data due to the difficulty of direct measurement. Recent advancements in measurement technology however have provided crucial new empirical insights that inform and place important constraints on theory. The theme of this symposium is twofold: explore these recent theoretical developments of active auditory function, as well as how such models motivate new directions in applied mathematics (e.g., emergent dynamics from coupled nonlinear oscillators).



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