Students attending the course PRT252 PORTUGUESE ISLAND CULTURE  (Fall 2016) at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Toronto were asked to work in small groups and “discover” Azoren writers. [read more]

The Canadian Centre for Azorean Research and Studies would like to congratulate Fernanda Viveiros and Fidalgo books for the recent publication of MEMÓRIA: An Anthology of Portuguese Canadian Writers. This volume showcases the writing talent of an emerging group of Portuguese-Canadian authors. [read more]

The project ASAS – Academias Seniores de Artes e Saberes - is an initiative of the Associação de Estudos da Mulher Migrante (Portugal) that CCARS embraced in 2012 leading to the creation of the Toronto chapter – ASAS/Toronto.  ASAS is focused on the Portuguese diaspora and in particular women. [read more]

We would like to welcome you to the Canadian Centre for Azorean Research and Studies - CCARS!

The Centre's main objective is to promote and disseminate Portuguese Azorean culture in North America, with special emphasis on Canada, where the Centre is located.

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