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Counselling & Disability Services
About Us

About Us

Effective July 2009, the Counselling & Development Centre, Atkinson Counselling & Supervision Centre, the Office for Persons with Disabilities and Glendon Counselling & Career Centre were aligned under a new structure called:

Counselling & Disability Services

The name change reflects the work that has been done with students and staff to gather all services under one virtual “roof.” The move will benefit students in several ways: coordination between services; closer “fit” between services and students; enhanced access; and shared resources.

Program names have also been changed to reflect the reorganization.

The Glendon Counselling and Career Centre is now referred to as: Counselling & Disability Services, Glendon site.

For more information:

Counselling & Disability Services, Keele Counselling & Disability Services, Glendon site

N110, Bennett Centre for Student Services
Hours of Operation

111A Glendon Hall
Hours of Operation

York University's Counselling & Disability Services provide a professional and supportive environment in which all York students have equitable access to a range of services that assist in facilitating their academic success.

Counselling & Disability Services Mission Statement

Counselling & Disability Services (CDS), through its professional staff, strives to provide a range of essential psychological services to the York University Community in order to optimize the quality of the scholarly and communal life of the university. The primary aim of CDS is to help students realize, develop, and fulfill their personal potential in order to maximally benefit from their university experience. Achieving this aim requires that a range of programs as well as individual and group counselling are available to all students enrolled at the university. CDS also acts as a resource to faculty and staff of the university.

For more information contact us at 416-736-5297 or in Room N110, Bennett Centre for Student Services. Hours of Operation.

Counselling & Disability Services recognizes that the diversity of the university community is a source of excellence, enrichment and strength. CDS affirms its commitment to human rights, and in particular to the principle that every member of the York community has a right to equitable treatment without harassment or discrimination on the grounds prohibited by the Ontario Human Rights Code, including race, ancestry, place of origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability.

A Brief Description of CDS

CDS provides a comprehensive package of psychological and academic support services to members of the York Community. Our clients are students registered at the University, but consultations with faculty and staff also occur as necessary. Included among the services provided are personal counselling (individual, group, and couples counselling as appropriate), crisis response and support, assistance in the development of learning skills, specialized support to students with learning, mental health, physical, sensory or medical disabilities, and various consultative and outreach activities to the York University community.

Since CDS is funded almost entirely by student ancillary fees, there is no additional charge for any of the core services provided to students. In some programs, a minimal refundable deposit may be used to enhance participation rates. In some cases, fees may be charged for services that go beyond the core services of the centre. The use of services at CDS is purely voluntary and CDS conducts assessments and clinical interventions only at the request of the primary individuals involved. Staff and interns take all possible precautions to maintain client confidentiality and guard against the disclosure of personal information unless informed, written consent has been obtained from the client. (For more information, please see our Privacy Statement).

We are situated in different locations on campus, with our main reception in Room N110 of the Bennett Centre for Student Services and can be reached by telephone at 416-736-5297 during our regular operating hours. Please consult our web site for further information about the locations of specific CDS services.

Please note: Glendon Students are directed to Counselling & Disability Services, Glendon site in Room 111A Glendon Hall. Call 416-487-6709 for further information about CDS, Glendon site services.

Counselling & Disability Services (CDS)

Personal Counselling and Learning Skills Services
Location: N110 Bennett Centre for Student Services
Tel: 416-736-5297

Mental Health Disability Services (MDHS)
Location: N110 Bennett Centre for Student Services
Tel: 416-736-5297

Physical, Sensory & Medical Disability Services (PSMDS)
Location: N108 Ross Building
Tel: 416-736-5140
TTY: 416-736-5263

Learning Disability Services (LDS)
Location: W128 Bennett Centre for Student Services
Tel: 416-736-5383