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Counselling & Disability Services

CDS Student Information Package

Counselling & Disability Services (CDS) would like to see you be successful in your studies. One way of doing so is to familiarize yourself with the various educational policies, practices, services and resources on campus that directly affect your education. We hope you find the list below helpful.

Services Offered Through Counselling & Disability Services (

Academic Advising (

Academic Writing Centres (

Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-Time Students (ACMAPS) (

Centre for Human Rights (

Computing at York

English as a Second Language Open Learning Centre
( Telephone: 416-736-2100 ext. 22940)

Registrar's Office (

Visit the Registrar's Office web-site for important information about policies and
procedures, courses, sessional dates, lecture schedules, drop dates, final exam dates etc.

Sport York ( Student Financial Services ( York University Bookstore (

Additional Information for Students with Disabilities

Registrar's Office - Alternate Exams and Tests ( Telephone # 416-736-5500)

Computing at York

Parking Services ( Telephone: 416-736-5335)

Student Financial Services

Student Health Plan (

Transcription Services, Library Accessibility Services (

York Senate Policy on Accommodating Students with Disabilities (

Counselling & Disability Services (CDS)

Personal Counselling and Learning Skills Services
Location: N110 Bennett Centre for Student Services
Tel: 416-736-5297

Mental Health Disability Services (MDHS)
Location: N110 Bennett Centre for Student Services
Tel: 416-736-5297

Physical, Sensory & Medical Disability Services (PSMDS)
Location: N108 Ross Building
Tel: 416-736-5140
TTY: 416-736-5263

Learning Disability Services (LDS)
Location: W128 Bennett Centre for Student Services
Tel: 416-736-5383