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Learning Disability Services

York University Support for Students in Distress

At York University, we hope that all students will be successful in achieving their academic goals. However, we know that university studies sometimes can create or exacerbate stress and anxiety that can have a serious impact on studentsí mental health. In fact, statistics suggest that one in four postsecondary-aged students will experience at least one significant mental health challenge.

We believe that mental health is a key component of student wellness and success. We encourage everyone in the York University community to be aware that there are things all of us can do to build and maintain a mentally healthy campus. We encourage friends, staff persons, or faculty members to be alert to any unexplained changes in the mood, behaviour or appearance of your friends or students in class. If you hear them talk of feeling overwhelmed and isolated, complain about emotional distress that is too difficult to handle, or indicate that they want to harm themselves or others, PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS. Let them know that you are concerned about them and encourage them to talk with a trained professional who can help.

For more information about how to determine if someone you know may be in distress, click on the following link: Common Signs and Signals that a Student May be in Distress

If you personally think that you or someone whom you know may need some support to deal with any of the feelings mentioned above, we urge you to contact one of the resources listed below:

Students interested in self-help resources should click on the link below:

Counselling & Disability Services (CDS)

Personal Counselling and Learning Skills Services
Location: N110 Bennett Centre for Student Services
Tel: 416-736-5297

Mental Health Disability Services (MDHS)
Location: N110 Bennett Centre for Student Services
Tel: 416-736-5297

Physical, Sensory & Medical Disability Services (PSMDS)
Location: N108 Ross Building
Tel: 416-736-5140
TTY: 416-736-5263

Learning Disability Services (LDS)
Location: W128 Bennett Centre for Student Services
Tel: 416-736-5383