August 2012

Centre for Research on Latin America & the Caribbean at York University
An update on CERLAC news & recent & up-coming activities




After 5 years as CERLAC Director, Eduardo Canel moves on

Andrea Davis: incoming Director of CERLAC: teaching award, project profiled in "Research Matters"

CERLAC's new Deputy Director: Carlota McAllister

Research Associate Paulo Ravecca: an award, a fellowship & "the most exciting event of the year"

William Found's Collection of Caribbean Maps now available to all in York Library

New Fellows: Gavin Fridell, Carl James, Joan Samuels-Dennis, Mina Singh

New Research Associates: Jan Anderson, Thomas Chiasson-LeBel, Stacey Gomez, Jennifer Mills, Marta da Silva, Carlos Velásquez

Updates on other recent activities and accomplishments of CERLAC Fellows

Donation made in honor of late CERLAC Fellow John Buttrick




Recent CERLAC publications:

The Extended Participation of Low-income Women in a Rainwater Harvesting Program in Brazil by Andrea Moraes (Working Paper, August 2012)

Trade and Investment-Induced Population Displacement in Latin America by William Payne & Paulo Ravecca (Colloquia Paper, August 2012)

Knowledge Management for North-South Partnerships: Promoting the Canada-Latin America Connection by Mario Torres (Report, August 2012)

Foreign Investment and the Privatization of Coercion: A Case Study of the Forza Security Company in Peru by Charis Kamphuis (2011 Graduate Baptista Prize, March 2012)

Beyond Recogniton: Alternative Rights-Realizing Strategies in the Northern Quiche Region of Guatemala by Caren Weisbart (2011 Graduate Baptista Prize, March 2012)

Impunity on Trial: the Case for Repealing El Salvador's Amnesty Law by Rolando Aguilera (2011 Undergraduate Baptista Prize, March 2012)


Recent publications by CERLAC Fellows:

Deborah Barndt (co-editor): VIVA! Community Arts and Popular Education in the Americas

Andrea Davis & Carl James (co-editors): Jamaica in Canada: A Multiculturalizing Presence

Audra Diptee & David Trotman (co-editors) REMEMBERING AFRICA & ITS DIASPORAS Memory, Public History & Representations Of The Past

Honor Ford-Smith (editor): 3 Jamaican plays: A postcolonial anthology 1977-1987

Michele Johnson (co-author): "They do as they please": The Jamaican Struggle for Cultural Freedom after Morant Bay

Nadine Jubb (editor): Comisarías de la Mujer en América Latina: Una puerta para detener la violencia y acceder a la justicia

Hal Klepak: Raul Castro and Cuba: A Miltary Story

Kamala Kempadoo (co-editor): Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered: New Perspectives on Migration, Sex Work, and Human Rights (2nd ed.)

Alex Latta (co-editor): Environment and Citizenship in Latin America: Natures, Subjects and Struggles

David Murray: Flaming Souls: Homosexuality, Homophobia, and Social Change in Barbados

Anne Rubenstein (co-editor): Masculinity and Sexuality in Modern Mexico

Judith Teichman: Social Forces and States: Poverty and Distributional Outcomes in South Korea, Chile and Mexico




CERLAC awarded SSHRC grant for partnership project on extractive industry governance

CERLAC & CALACS collaborate on 3-year IDRC project

CERLAC & CRS foster initiative on trade, investment & forced migration in Latin America

Youth & Community Development in Canada & Jamaica ("Project Groundings"): see blog / gallery of recent project activities, project profile in Research Matters, donation story, SHARE article, Y-File article

Update on Alison Crosby's project on Women's Struggles for Justice in Guatemala

Viviana Patroni leads initiative on precarious employment

"Knowledge Management for North-South Partnerships" project concludes




Barbadian Canadian Friendship Scholarships awarded

2011 Baptista Essay Prizes awarded

New CERLAC-administered Paavo and Aino Lukkari Human Rights Fund to promote graduate research

Recent visiting scholars in CERLAC: Wiebke Beushausen & Yadira Castillo Meneses

Call for papers out for 2013 CERLAC graduate research conference



See the February 2011 CERLAC Update

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