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With twelve years of experience in systems information projects, Benjamin is a self-taught web page designer and is responsible for the layout of this page. A full-time employee at CERLAC, he has also designed webpages for CERLAC's URACCAN and TEMUCO projects and for the Spanish Resource Centre



Several Graduate Assistants assisted in updating the content of the site over the 2004-2005 academic year, and John Carlaw built the majority of the site.



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A four year-old Benjamin (middle) and his parents, Rafael Alfonso Cornejo Carcamo and Solidad de Cornejo Rodríguez











About the pictures in the top banner:



2002 Jagan Lecture

2003 Michael Baptista Essay Prize Winners






Mural: "We are the Freshness of the Earth"





The mural on the Western wall of the lobby in York Lanes evolved as part of a Mexican art work exhibition/exchange, held in Toronto in September, 1994. “Los Colores de la Voluntad” (The Colours of the Will) art exhibition, represented the second half of a project between Toronto and Mexico City, that started in 1993 with the Canadian Exhibition “The Urban and the Urbane.” 


The Mural “We are the Freshness of the Earth” is 2 metres x 4.8 metres. It was donated by the Mexican artist Patricia Quijano, who was assisted by students from the Faculty of Fine Arts.


“Constancia” dreams that she has been born again, far away, a dark girl, ignorant, almost mute, silenced by centuries of solitude, misery, abuse, rape, violation, contempt, lack of charity, Oh Madre mía this dark girl in a faraway place, has nothing . . . not even hope for all that you and I give unto the world. She has only the tracks of her tears like scars on her face . . . Full of Grace, The Lord is with Thee, He Sees My Bare Legs Exposed To The Sun.


About the Artist:

Patricia Quijano is an internationally recognized Mexican Artist who resides in Mexico and is known for her experience in mural art. In 1996 Ms. Quijano was involved in the production of seventeen murals covering over three thousand square feet of various York University walls. Ms. Quijano studied and apprenticed with the late Arnold Belkin, a well known Canadian Mexican mural painter. She has since taken over his studio in Mexico.



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2002 Jagan Lecture


George Lamming, Caribbean writer and intellectual delivering the 2002 Jagan lecture

 Photo by Benjamin Cornejo.


The Jagan Lectures preserve the legacy of Dr. Cheddi Jagan's  by inviting annually a leading thinker and practitioner, drawn from a wide array of countries and disciplines, to deliver a lecture in accordance with his/her own vision and practice.


For more information on Dr. Jagan and the Jagan Lecture series, click here.



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2003 Michael Baptista Essay Prize Winners


Aaron K. Kamugisha, Sharon Baptista, and Jillian Di Nallo.
Photo by Benjamin Cornejo.


The Michael Baptista Essay Prize was established by the friends of Michael Baptista and the Royal Bank of Canada. The $500 Prize is awarded annually to both a graduate and an undergraduate student at York University in recognition of an outstanding scholarly essay of relevance to the area of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, from the humanities, social science, business or legal perspective.


The Michael Baptista Essay Prize and Lecture are named in honour of Michael Baptista (right), in recognition of the areas central to his spirit and success: the importance of his Guyanese/Caribbean roots, his dedication to and outstanding achievement at the Royal Bank of Canada, and his continued and unqualified drive and love of learning.



To learn more about this essay prize, click here.



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"CERLAC people"


Deborah Barndt, Raúl Delgado Wise and Alan Simmons 

Photo by Benjamin Cornejo


This photo is from a panel discussion at our 2003 Conference on Migration, one of CERLAC's many conferences and events. This event was co-organized with FLASCO-Dominican Republic,



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