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From the time of CERLAC's establishment, graduate students have participated in its research projects and have completed MA and PhD degrees under the supervision of its Fellows.


Since 1986, CERLAC has offered a Graduate Diploma Program. This program, which is available to students registered in the master's or doctoral program at York, may be taken in conjunction with a single discipline or as part of an interdisciplinary course of study. To receive the Diploma, students must satisfy the requirements of their degree and those of the Graduate Diploma Program. 


If you have questions or comments concerning the Diploma Program which are not answered here, please contact: 

Centre for Research in Latin America and the Caribbean
8th Floor York Research Tower, 4700 Keele Street
York University
(416) 736-5237



Download the Diploma Program informational brochure


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Diploma Program Description and Requirements


Any York University student currently enrolled in a graduate degree program is eligible to apply to the Graduate Diploma Program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. 


NOTE: Changes to the Diploma Program requirements were implemented on July 16, 2007. Students registered before this date may choose between the previous guidelines and the new ones. Students registering after this date will follow the new guidelines.  (Click here for an outline of the changes and to see the previous guidelines.)


As of July 16, 2007, the requirements of the program are:

1. Degree completion: Concurrent completion of a master's or doctoral degree at York University.

2. Language: A working knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese, or another language other than standard English needed for research in the region.

3. Regional experience: Personal experience for a period of at least two months, beyond simple tourism, in Latin America or the Caribbean.

4. Courses and/or Research Papers: A combination of two courses and/or research papers on Latin American or Caribbean-related topics accepted by the candidate's supervisor. One of these may be the candidate's thesis or dissertation. The research papers must be written outside of courses being counted towards this requirement. All papers and/or courses must be done at York University concurrently with the candidate's graduate degree program.

5. Breadth of knowledge in the region beyond what may be inferred from a reading of the candidate’s research papers and coursework. This requirement may be satisfied in one of two ways:

a) A third research paper acceptable to the candidate’s supervisor on a LAC-related topic different from those satisfying item 4 above. In addition, any paper counted towards this requirement must be written outside of any courses being counted towards the requirement for Courses and/or Research Papers. The Supervisor and the Diploma Coordinator must agree that the paper is appropriate, or

b) An oral examination on a LAC-related topic different from those of satisfying item 4 above, based on a reading list approved in advance by the candidate’s supervisor. The reading list should include at least twelve substantive scholarly sources.

6. Participation in CERLAC events: Participation in at least ten CERLAC colloquia or related activities during the candidate's graduate tenure. One-page critical commentaries on at least five of these events must be submitted to the candidate's supervisor for approval. Please use the Seminar Tracking Sheet to document your attendance.

A supervisor, drawn from the list of approved supervisors, advises each candidate and certifies that all Diploma requirements have been satisfied.


STEP 1: Application - One can apply at any stage during one's career as a graduate student at York simply by submitting a completed Application Form to CERLAC.


STEP 2: Choosing a Supervisor - The candidate must identify a  supervisor and submit the completed Supervisory Form to the Diploma Coordinator for approval.


STEP 3: Developing the Diploma Statement - The candidate must complete an initial version of the Program Completion Plan, outlining how each of the requirements for the program will be met. The Completion Plan should be updated every year the student is enrolled in the program. 


STEP 4: Completion and Certification - When all requirements for the program have been met (no later than six months following convocation), the candidate must submit the completed Diploma Certification Form, the Document Checklist, the FGS Convocation Information - Diploma form and all other necessary documentation to the Diploma Coordinator for final approval.  

The Diploma is normally awarded concurrently with the master's or doctoral degree upon satisfactory completion of both the Diploma and degree requirements. All requirements must be completed within six months of convocation.


Information about how to obtain your Diploma is available here.


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Approved Supervisors

If you wish to propose a supervisor who is not on this list, please contact CERLAC. Supervisors must be York faculty appointed to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and they must have expertise in Latin American and Caribbean studies.


Deborah Barndt Environmental Studies 
Simone R. Bohn Political Science
Eduardo Canel Social Science, Development Studies
Warren Crichlow Education 
Andrea Davis Humanities
Nina de Shane Dance, Music 
Claudio Duran Philosophy 
Maria Figueredo Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
William (Bill) Found Geography, Environmental Studies 
Liette Gilbert Environmental Studies
Luin Goldring Sociology 
Andil Gosine Sociology 
Ricardo Grinpsun Economics 
Maria Constanza Guzman Translation, Hispanic Studies
Lyse Hébert Translation
Judith Adler Hellman Political Science, Social & Political Thought, Women's Studies 
Anita Wagman Iscove Latin American Literature
Michele Johnson History
Kamala Kempadoo Social and Political Thought, Sociology, Women's Studies 
Paul Lovejoy  History, Social & Political Thought 
Michael Marcuzzi Music
Carlota McAllister Anthropology 
David Morley Environmental Studies, Geography 
David Murray Social Anthropology  
Liisa North Political Science, Social & Political Thought 
Viviana Patroni  Social Science, Development Studies 
Linda Peake Geography, Women's Studies 
Ellie Perkins Environmental Studies 
Danielle Robinson Dance
Anne Rubenstein History 
Judith Rudakoff Theatre 
Brent Rutherford  Environmental Studies 
Sandra Schecter Education 
Marilyn Silverman  Social Anthropology 
Alan Simmons Sociology 
Harry Smaller Education 
Edward Spence Environmental Studies, Geography 
David Szablowski Law & Society
Patrick Taylor  Social & Political Thought 
David Trotman History 
Penny Van Esterik Dance, Social Anthropology, Women's Studies 
Paul Wilkinson Environmental Studies 
Robert Witmer Music, Social Anthropology 
Dan Yon Social Anthropology 
Anna Zalik Environmental Studies


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Diploma forms

Application Form - To register in the program. Download Form


Supervisory Form - To identify your Supervisor; requires the signatures of your Supervisor and of the Diploma Coordinator. Download Form


Diploma Program Completion Plan - To describe how you will meet the requirements for the Diploma. Download Form


Seminar Tracking Sheet - To document your attendance at CERLAC events in fulfillment of the participation requirement; requires the signatures of your Supervisor and of the Diploma Coordinator. Download Form


Diploma Certification Form - To certify your successful completion of the diploma requirements; requires the signatures of your Supervisor and of the Diploma Coordinator. Download Form


Document Checklist - To ensure you submit all necessary documentation. Download Form


FGS Convocation Information - Diploma form - Download Form


Download the Diploma Program informational brochure



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