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The CERLAC Documentation Collection




The CERLAC Documentation Collection (formerly the Documentation Centre) contains an extensive and unique collection.  Holdings consist mostly of Spanish and English language publications, with some material also in Portuguese and French.


Included in the collection are:

  • collections of major journals
  • publications from Latin American and Caribbean research centres and institutions of higher learning with which the CERLAC has established linkages
  • the publications of multilateral institutions (e.g.: World Bank, IDB, IMF, ILO-PREALC, ECLAC/CEPAL)
  • the publications of Canadian government agencies, NGOs, and university based research centres in Canada, the United States and Europe; several thematic collections (e.g., human rights, women and development, environmental concerns, refugees, indigenous movements, the sugar industry) 
  • Publications of some Canadian, U.S., European, and Latin American non governmental organizations (Human Rights Watch, NACLA, Ideele from Lima)
  • key works on the regions
  • the publications of CERLAC Fellows and associated graduate students and post-graduate scholars.

The collection is non-circulating and is available to students, faculty, and other researchers.  





The Collection forms one component of the Resource Centre, located on the 6th floor of the York Research Tower.


The same facility houses the collections of two other York-based research centres (the York Centre for International and Security Studies and the Centre for Refugee Studies). The collections of the three centres, though housed in the same facility, are maintained separately.


A basic Floor Plan guide to the portion of the Resource Centre occupied by the CERLAC Collection can be downloaded here.


In addition to these documentation holdings, The Resource Centre offers study and meeting space for researchers' use.

CERLAC Graduate Assistant Maxine Dandois-Fafard enjoys the light & tranquillity of the Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is open to the public 10:00 am to 4:00 pm daily, holidays excepted, during the regular academic year (September-April).


For access during the summer term (May-August) or outside of regular hours, contact CERLAC at (416)736-5237 or


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CERLAC Electronic Space


CERLAC maintains several listservs. To subscribe, send an email to, providing your full name and indicating to which listserv(s) you are requesting subscription.


1. CERLAC Announcement Lists: To receive regular announcements about CERLAC events, publications and news, request subscription to our Announcement list by sending your full name and email address to, indicating where you live and whether or not you are at York University.


2. LACYORK Informational listserv on Latin America and the Caribbean is a moderated listserv managed by the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC) at York University in Toronto, Canada. To join: send a request for subscription to LACYORK with your full name and email address to


LACYORK is intended as an electronic venue for information-sharing among scholars and practitioners interested in: 

  • the culture, political economy, and human and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean and their diasporas;
  • inter-hemispheric relations; 
  • globalization from a regional perspective;
  • social justice and human rights issues in the region.

On the list is posted:

  • current news from conventional and alternative sources on important regional events and issues; 
  • information about new publications, bibliographic resources, useful websites, conferences, and other events (the latter mostly - but not exclusively - taking place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada); 
  • employment, internship, study, and volunteer opportunities in the region (or in relevant organizations worldwide concerned with human rights, labour, the environment, women's issues and development); 
  • urgent action appeals, petitions, etc.

Most postings are in English, though approximately 30-40% may be in Spanish or other languages of the region. The list bears an average of three to four postings per week, with each posting usually comprised of multiple items grouped together as "Announcements" or "News." Attachments and graphics are avoided. Subscribers may submit postings to the list, though submissions are screened for relevancy and redundancy by the moderator.


To sample the typical content of the list, visit the LACYORK on-line archives at: 


To join the list, send your full name and email with a request for subscription to LACYORK to:


3. Mining-Americas is an open, bilingual discussion list on issues around mining in the Americas. Subscribers can post directly to the list, exchanging messages with all other subscribers.


5. MIGRATION: An open discussion list on international migration in the Americas. Subscribers can post directly to the list, exchanging messages with all other subscribers.


6. a) ZANON-ALERT: International solidarity group in support of the Zanon workers and the recovered workplace movement in Argentina. Includes news updates and urgent actions.

b) ALERTA-ZANON: Noticias y acciones urgentes en apoyo a los trabajadores de Zanón y el movimiento de empresas recuperadas en Argentina.


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Meeting space


At its offices at 800 Kaneff Tower, CERLAC can offer modest meeting areas to students and fellows associated with the research centre for their LACS-related initiatives. CERLAC has a meeting room (830) for groups (up to 12 comfortably) and room for a small seminar or meeting in its communal space. These areas should be booked in advance by contacting CERLAC by phone at (416) 736-5237 or by email at



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