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The LWCC believes in offering quality programs that are based on the childcare needs of the York University Community, where parents and children are the key elements and remain the Centre's top priority. The LWCC believes in providing a friendly, multicultural and non-sexist environment for its members, and feels that children are distinct individuals who should be treated with respect as they are encouraged to develop at their own pace and to their full potential.

The Centre's main objectives are to provide part-time, flexible, non-profit licensed childcare to students and CUPE 3903 members, and if space is available, to staff and faculty of York University; and to provide a place for parent members to meet and access information pertaining to childrearing and other related issues.

Programme Statement: Children will have a variety of opportunities to explore different materials which will enhance many areas of their development, and will be encouraged to follow through on the decisions they make. They will be shown positive ways of dealing with difficult situations through the use of words (verbal messages) instead of acting out physically. The staff of the Centre will provide positive support to the children in their attempts to deal with their feelings and with difficult situations. They will learn to play cooperatively through sharing toys, feelings, and ideas with others. In turn, they will learn how to respect each other and the materials within the Centre.

The LWCC's programmes provide parents with valuable resources and support, as well as choices of how to meet their needs and their children's needs. The Centre has allotted space for parents to meet with other parents as well as staff in order to stimulate discussions and provide information that is of interest to them.